Ruby is a beautiful programming language that was created for the unique purpose of programmer happiness.

We're big on happiness and welcome you to join us; be you a beginner, experienced professional, or even if you don't yet code or use Ruby at all.


Meeting in Person

To meet up with other Rubyists and Ruby-curious folks in person, you could perhaps attend our yearly RubyConf AU conference, our twice-yearly Rails Camp social coding weekends, or our more regular meetings for talks and coding across the country.

Many cities and regions around Australia have regular meetings, often featuring presentations on a variety of Ruby and industry-related topics, and providing opportunities to socialise with other Rubyists.


Connecting Online

There are many ways to get involved in the Australian Ruby community. If you're looking for something online - where you can ask questions and keep on top of the latest happenings - there's our Slack workspace and our forum .

We also have talks from our previous events - both conferences and meetings - available on YouTube . And you can follow us on Twitter .


About Us

Ruby Australia was set up as an organisation in 2011 to support the community and events around Australia focused on the Ruby programming language. All of our events are run with our Code of Conduct.

Our committee members are elected at our general meetings that occur twice a year, and they help with advising and supporting the logistics of our events and community spaces.

We are very grateful to our sponsors for their ongoing support to help make our events more affordable and accessible to a broader array of people across Australia.

Contributing to the site

The site's source is hosted on Github: github.com/rubyaustralia/ruby_au. Please refer to the README there for more details, or join our Slack channel.